Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Lovely, Insane Country

Bumper Sticker Sentiments Captured Recently in Norman, OK
OK, so Norman, Oklahoma, probably has enough Bubbas and Bubbettes resident to be a cause for concern, but believe me, in this state, Norman is a glowing oasis of culture. I have just two questions about this bumper sticker:
  1. Let me get this straight . . . this guy is saying that all those wars (and all those wonderful soldiers thereof) are keeping us from being taken over by Arabs? Muslims? Mexicans? Immigrants of any description--who don't speak English, of course? Or is he referring to the soldiers of the British Empire in the 17th century who kept us from having Algonquin or Huron as our national language? You can thank a surfeit of idiocy for bumper stickers like this. If I were the teacher who taught this jackass how to read, I would not own up to it.
  2. (Which kinda leads logically from the first question . . .) Just what kind of ninny puts this on his car for the whole world to see?
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