Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Told You . . .

. . . that "Stuff You Should Know" was going to generate blog entries. For it's there that I found out about this website at Animal Planet. It is all about parasites, specifically the kind that prey on us, human beings. It is perfectly fair to say that these are not good things. I'm sure there are benign parasites, in fact I know there are--all kinds of bacteria that our bodies host. And some of these are also necessary to our survival, as I understand. But the others. Well, they make us shiver and we'd just as soon not be reminded about them.

Fair disclosure: the subject is gross, the video clips are gross, and the whole thing is scary as hell. You definitely won't want to be looking at this stuff while you're eating. But if, like me, you're interested in almost everything, then this is just another subject, albeit one that is pretty disturbing. I was left with the question about one kind of biologist decides that these repulsive creatures are what he or she wants to spend their life studying. No matter what is is, somebody is fascinated with it.

Here's a promise. I'm not going to inflict another ghastly subject like this upon you for a long time. Cannot promise I never will again, though. Who could make a promise like that?
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