Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Embarrassing

It's humiliating, actually, to have to acknowledge that you are governed, and I use the term advisedly, by nimwits such as Congressman John Fleming, who, be it noted, is a physician in addition to being one of the congressional representatives from the great state of Louisiana.

Let's let this be an audience participation blog entry. Read this piece from "The Onion," and tell me if it doesn't at least raise questions for you, if you don't immediately grasp that what you're reading is not true. It's satire by a master of the craft, whose motto as we all know is "America's Finest News Source." Well, apparently Fleming thought so, too--and you have to wonder about this guy's staff. Aren't they around to keep the congressman from looking stupid? This time they really fell down on their job. Dr. Representative Fleming read this Onion article about the grand opening of a Planned Parenthood's $8 billion "Abortionplex" in Wichita. A place where many more abortions could be performed with greater efficiency. The facility's floor plan showing locations of the iMax theater, pet adoption, facility, gift shop, and food court accompanied the text. And outraged by the notion, Fleming posted a link to the article on this Facebook page along with a comment about "abortions by the wholesale." It was obvious the man took the article seriously.

For many years now, "The Onion" has been America's premier satirical publication. Apparently the congressman wasn't aware of this. I understand that Fleming's faux pas has been taken down from his FB page now. Doesn't it bother you that we've got such uninformed and gullible people at the head of our affairs? And I'll tell you this: this dolt isn't the only one up there who governs by hallucination. There's a whole passel of 'em.

Here is the article about this silliness from The Huntington Post. Oh, and did we mention that the fake news article is a year old?
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