Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not a Way to Go

I had lunch with my daughter and Susan yesterday and was pleased to introduce her to a podcast I had recently discovered called "Stuff You Should Know." In the two weeks or so since I found out about this podcast, I've listened to 8-19 back episodes and now I'm downloading them the iPod regularly. This is the home web site. Guaranteed that this site, which covers fascinating subject matter all the time will become a rich source of blog material.

Case in point: 10 bizarre deaths. It turns out, as was discussed on the podcasts, that most human beings have a somewhat morbid curiosity about death. Which for me doesn't seem all that unusual. It's a place we're all going, no exceptions. Something as universal as this is bound to make people curious. I've had a saying for years: "There's only one way into this world, but there are a million ways out of it." It turns out most of us are interested in finding out about the million ways.

So I'm assuming that many of you--well, not that many because not that many read this blog regularly--are going to click on the link to find out about these 10 bizarre ways to die. So I won't be be a spoiler. But I will titillate you with some descriptive phrases. Death by beard, by storm drain, deodorant, hungry sheep, molasses, and more.
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