Thursday, February 9, 2012

"A Little Respect When I Come Home"

Just like the song says. This is all the dad in the video wants from his 15-year-old daughter. Alas. He's gotten none and boy, is he pissed! This video has gone viral on YouTube. I can't say I would have done the same thing--the video has occasioned a huge debate on the Net about parenting skills--but I know where this guy is coming from. Let me say right up front here that I wouldn't have ever done this to one of my kids. That's because none of the three would have ever given me cause to. (Not to mention the fact that laptops were still in their infancy when the kids still lived at home.) Susan and I often reflect on what a great set of kids we have, and how proud we are what the three of them have grown up to be. They are all good people, generous people, people with empathy and respect for others. When we think back on it, our kids gave us no problems growing up. Nothing like some of our friends had to deal with, and nothing like this guy in the video is dealing with now.

And it sounds to me like he has a pretty legitimate beef . . . and this was a second offense after a stern warning and pretty severe consequences for the first offense. One thing certain, this guy's daughter will be telling this story (and showing the video) till she's old and gray. And I'll be you a chocolate shake that she won't be taking any disrespect from her kids either.

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