Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Smell a Smoky Rat

You all know about our vaunted Department of Justice, right? These are the guys who cannot find a way to prosecute a single one of the Wall Street criminals who even as we speak are rolling around in money like Scrooge McDuck in his basement . . . money that we taxpayers have coughed up for their benefit without receiving anything in return. . . . while housing prices continue their plummet and unemployment for people who actually work for a living remains around ten percent. This is the same DOJ which caved to pressure from the right and changed its mind on prosecuting 9/11 prisoners on US soil. The same DOJ which even people like me who keep up on these things cannot tell you of a single accomplishment. My take is these people are not interested in prosecuting anybody worth more than a million dollars.

Yeah, these guys. Well, guess what they're up to now? The always-popular-with-the-dunder-headed-public war on drugs. What better way for the do-nothing-for-justice Department of Justice to divert attention from its utter incompetence than to stir up trouble against medical marijuana? Basically the administration has pussy-footed this issue as it has so many others that the progressive wing of the party cares about. What's happening is that the DOJ has threatened to prosecute state officials if they are in any way involved in the licensing of the production or distribution of marijuana. This effectively scares state governments into the position of doing nothing to further medical marijuana interests in their states. Moreover, DOJ is going after producers of the drug with the tax code which prohibits any tax deductions for companies "trafficking in controlled substances." So if you're a grower or processor, you basically have no tax deductions for expenses connected with your business. Nice, eh?

All of this in the face of the administration's avowed policy of not going after the medical marijuana industry. Remember that pledge? Well, brothers and sisters, what's happening here is the administration doesn't want to appear "soft on drugs" next year, so it's blunting that issue right now. These people lie as easily as they breathe.
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