Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goog Lab Tools -- Chapter 2

I can't drift away from this topic without sharing a couple of other things with you. I sent this site, Art Project, to my artsy daughter a few days ago and she never responded. She's a busy person, so perhaps she hasn't gotten to it yet. This site lets you tour 17 of the world's most famous museums--Van Gogh in Amsterdam; Met, Frick, & Moma in NYC, Uffizi in Florence, for example--and examine art works really up close if you want, much closer than you would be allowed to approach in many of these museums. I've always been a sucker for sites like this. In fact, there is an incredible amount of art you can look at on the Internet. Just for starters, try this.

This little program called Google City Tours is kinda neat for those of us who want to hit the high points and avoid all that tiring research. Just type in the name of a place, click, and presto! you've got a little walking tour mapped out, complete with suggested time to spend at the attraction site and the travel time (on foot) to get there. Be advised, though, Google CT is picky about the cities it will tour in. Oklahoma City and Norman didn't rate in OK, and Baton Rouge didn't make it in Louisiana. But Cairo works, and Portland OR, and New Orleans, and Dallas+Ft Worth and Cleveland, and Mainz, Germany, and St Petersburg, Russia, and finally, Basel, Switzerland. I wore out about 15 minutes just playing around at these places.

Finally, let me suggest you take a look at "Google Reader - Play," that's what they call it. It's just a place that throws a potpourri of various stories at you, somewhat like their Fast Flip, only my little test, hardly scientific, I thought the stories on the former were more interesting and catchy, but that's only a matter of opinion.

Have fun, y'all!
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