Monday, December 13, 2010

Headlines of the Moment

I don't find any of these headlines on Raw Story particularly encouraging. How about you?

  • US Southwest could see 60-year drought: study -- something not seen since the 12th century, according to worst case scenario. Here.
  • Military won't release rape records, ACLU says in lawsuit -- rape is rampant in the military but Pentagon won't release records showing how it's handled. Here.
  • Regulators exist "to serve the banks," next House finance chairman declares -- what a frigging surprise! Here.
  • Think tank: Chances dimming for Patriot Act reform -- in other words, the Obama administration will continue to endorse Bush-era assaults on civil liberties. Here.
  • Bush-appointed judge strikes down health insurance mandate. Here.
  • Ukraine to open Chernobyl area to tourists in 2011 -- No, this is not a misprint. Here
  • Ex-health insurance exec: "I wined and dined" reporters -- former health insurance public relations exec says "It was so easy for me to get my way." Reporters from the NYT and WSJ and other news outlets. Here.
  • Tax deal clears Senate hurdle -- We all knew it was coming, but it still just pisses me off. Here
  • Wall Street sees record revenue -- 2010 set to be the second-biggest ever. Don't it just warm the cockles of your heart, this news? Here.
  • Everything's bullish on the Street.
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