Monday, December 6, 2010

An Alice in Wonderland World

Although he has done it over and over for the past two years, I cannot believe Obama's craven surrender to the vile set of harpies that comprise the majority of the Republican party and 100 percent of their leadership. We learn today that Obama has reached agreement with these same set of rogues on a "compromise" on the Bush tax cuts . . . i.e., an extension of them for two years for everybody, including the millionaires and billionaires who received massive tax cuts under George Bush.  One of the commentators I read a day or so ago observed that this postponement of the restoration of the rates for the rich to what they were before Bush lowered them is simply a stopgap for the Republicans. Who once they are in charge of everything--and make no mistake, Obama will be a one-term president and the Republicans will sweep all before them in 2012--will make the tax cuts for their masters permanent. This the reason it's so damn foolish and craven now to give in to these bastards.

The whimper we're hearing from the White House is that "this is the best we could get." Well, boys and girls, that's el toro ca-ca. It's not the best he can get. The best he can get can be had, but he has to shove it down the Republicans throats. That's the last thing this wimp Obama is going to do. If this president had a set of gonads, he would hold firm on this pledge during the campaign--remember that? He said he was going to roll these tax cuts back completely.--and force the miserable Republicans to actually filibuster against a tax break for millions and millions of struggling middle class people. And then let those tax-cut fiends in the Republican party actually have to stand up and tell us why they oppose tax cuts for people who really need them unless the richest two percent of the population get their "bonus" reinstated too. It's ludicrous. But we live in an Alice and Wonderland world now.

Can you tell I'm a little angry at this turn of events? Even though I knew this was coming--I know who Obama is now--it still just frosts the hell out of me. I would not vote for this guy again if he was running for sewer commissioner.
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