Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas, Plutocrats

If you pay attention, you can sense the outrage building among the progressives of the country who in now what seems like a thousand years ago flocked to Barack Obama's banner in 2008 and sent him to the White House with substantial majorities in both houses of Congress. If ever there was a moment ripe for the installation of a progressive agenda for this country which so sorely needs it, it was then. So here we are now, two years later, and the Obama presidency and the hopes of the liberals who so enthusiastically backed him are in tatters. The bill of indictment is long, but here are the major failures of the Obama administration at the halfway point in this most wretched of presidencies. A toothless so-called financial reform bill, a severely watered-down health care act come to mind immediately. On both these issues Obama caved to the Republican party, the hirelings of the corporations, which to this very moment refuses to support the administration. It accepted far less for the broad expanse of the American people than if it had the balls to stand up and vote what was promised during the campaign. We're still in Iraq and we're getting more deeply mired in Afghanistan, endless wars both. There has been no prosecution of the the Bush criminals for the various war crimes committed during his presidency. In truth there's been very little for progressives to be happy about during the past couple of years. We're getting the shaft at every turn.

Just the latest of the outrages is Obama's apparent readiness to cave yet again on the issue of extending the Bush tax cuts to the plutocrats who run the country. What we're talking about here is simply restoring the rates to what they were in 2002. The idea the deficit should be swollen by another $700 billion so as to put yet more money in the pockets of the richest two percent of the country . . . well, it's ludicrous. And yet this is what the Republican party is insisting on before it will consider or vote for anything else. Including extension of unemployment benefits to people who victimized by the plutocrats' recession. Can hypocrisy be more blatant?

No. It cannot. But that doesn't make a difference to people any longer. The bigger the lie, the more willing the gulls that comprise the public are to accept it.

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