Friday, February 12, 2010

When It Rains . . .

I have to confess that sometimes I'm just downright stumped as to what I'm going to write about in the blog. Whether this is because nothing noteworthy has occurred that day--not likely--or--more likely--I'm half brain-dead that day, or--most likely of all--I'm not really enthused about writing at all. I've had a few of these days lately.

But then you have days like today when there's a blizzard of things that catch my eye and demand comment. Take for example:

  • A female Harvard-educated biology professor at the University of Alabama Huntsville named Amy Bishop shoots three colleagues dead, critically wounds two more, and sends a third to the hospital with serious wounds. WHAT? Oh, yeah. Seems she was distressed about not getting tenure. (This was reported on PBS Newshour.) Well, the solution to such a problem is obvious to all red-blooded Americans. Get a gun and kill some people.
  • David Broder, who is as old as Methuselah's buck goat and who really ought to hang 'em up because it's obvious he getting pretty drifty. His latest column suggests that we should be taking Sarah Palin seriously. WHAT? Oh, yeah. According to Broder, Palin is riding high on a wave of populist ire, and the other "more uptight Republican aspirants" for the presidency as well as Obama had better watch out. "The lady is good," he says. Well, you all know what I think of this bubble-headed bimbo, so I'll just refer you to this piece in the Huffington Post that takes Broder's ridiculous column apart quite nicely.
  • And then there's the president's invitation to the Republican leadership to join with him and the Democrats in a televised summit meeting on healthcare reform. I'll give you three guesses as to what the prevailing reaction from the Republicans was to this. . . . right; the majority of them are balking at this, and the media are saying "trap" every time they open their traps. Jon Stewart skewered the hell out of both the media and the Republicans (stick around for John Oliver's report on the RNC's meeting in Hawaii) tonight on "The Daily Show." WHAT? The Republicans are refusing to cooperate with Obama? They've never done that before. Really now. What else could be expected of these people?
So when it rains it pours. Could've been three blog entries. Ends up being one.
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