Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barely Noticed

A few days ago, 3 days to be exact, I posted my 500th entry to this blog, a fact which completely astonishes me. It passed at the time barely noticed by anybody, even me. Actually who else would notice it all but me? Anyway, I would have never believed I had it in me to stick with this [almost] daily task. But here I am, astonished and still committed to doing this. (I've been lax of late for a number of good reasons, and damned if I don't feel guilty about it when I don't post.)

As fate would have it, the 500th post was a relatively frivolous one for me. If I had a little more time, I'd check out the other "milestone" posts such as #100, 200, 300 . . . . I fear most of the time, I've been serious and often seriously distraught about the follies and foibles of humankind, especially that species of humankind that feel compelled to rule over the rest of us. Generally, as I age, all I want is to be left relatively alone so I can study, write, think, listen to my music. Unfortunately, I tend to think about big things, like the fate of nations, and so forth, so I'm not so peaceful in retirement because the political leaders of this country have made such a hash of things that my thoughts often gravitate automatically to the latest outrage, the latest lie, the latest way these people are screwing things up for the rest of us.  My wife tells me that the blog is a good thing for me because it gives me an outlet for my frustrations. Well, maybe, but I wonder about my readers sometimes . . . are somebody else's frustrations all that compelling, especially when they're often so unconnected to the stuff of our daily lives? But there are a few precious regular readers . . . and I'll take this opportunity to thank them all for sticking with me.
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