Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And Then There's This . . .

. . . to really dampen your Super Bowl spirits. From James Kuntsler's blog entry of yesterday:

The Tea Party people are the corn-pone Nazis I have been warning you about. They are gathering strength in numbers as President Obama and congress fritter away their remaining legitimacy in a manner of governance that more and more resembles an endless Chinese Fire Drill. The delusional craziness of the Tea Partyists exists in direct proportion to the wimpy deceit of the government, especially in matters of money and statistics reporting. Our political leaders are resorting to wholesale deceit because the truth of our situation -- comprehensive bankruptcy -- is too painful to dwell on and for the most part they are too chicken too state it.
He is talking about the Tea Party convention that was held in Nashville last week. You know, that gathering where Sarah Palin, the perfect representative dingbat for the Tea Party-ers, appeared and was allowed to spew her nonsense to great applause and appreciation. All the evils we have been looking for are coming down on us: armed pissed off nitwits in great numbers; feckless, helpless government; immense personal debt and suffering; a bankrupt country.

I don't want to think about what all this means. All I know is it is not and cannot be good.
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