Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a Nice Little Ride

You don't have to be able to read the fine print. All you need to know is these lines represent the stock prices for the major health insurance companies in the U.S. from October 27 to December 18, 2009. Do you see anything strange? As the passage of the so-called healthcare reform bill became more and more likely, the stock prices for these companies just roared up. I've said it before, and it really is something blindingly obvious, or at least it should be. If the health insurance companies like the so-called healthcare reform legislation, it cannot possibly be good for the rest of us. Above is Exhibit A. We are getting royally screwed, brothers and sisters. It does not appear that this bill is going to be defeated. All the Democrats in Congress are going to get in line, even the progressives, despite being shat upon by the Administration basically since the start of this process.

Update I: The ever-perceptive Glenn Greenwald also takes note of the stock price jump, and he goes on to discuss the demonization of progressive critics of the healthcare bill by the administration, their friends in the the press and the blogosphere.
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