Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Guttersnipe Tune

It appears that that little troll from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, is making the Democratic Senate caucus dance to his tune--again. Why does Harry Reid allow this odious guttersnipe to retain his committee chairmanship? The Democratic party should wash its hands of this fraud of a senator and kick his ass out of the caucus. What a system we've got when one--ONE disgusting little pawn of the health care insurance industry can pretty much single-handedly dictate terms that an entire majority of the Senate must accept. Such a system really sucks.

The health care reform bill is being burned to the ground just so Obama can say he passed something. Some observers are making a good case for doing nothing at all about health care  if all we get is what Lieberman and the other so-called moderate Democrats can stand. I don't see that happening. The Democrats and the White House are desperate to get any bill they can call health care reform passed. And they're willing to mangle the legislation into a monster if that's what it takes.

My sentiments aren't too far from this comment to the post:

If the Democratic Party wants to govern like the GOP, which is clearly what Rahm and Leadership want, they can do it without my support.  I'd just as soon get fucked by the enemies I know than by those I support.
And a sampling of more progressive sentiment in the wake of the systematic dismemberment of what was hardly a radical bill to begin with pretty much agrees. People are furious.
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