Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All the Stars Are Aligning

All the stars in the heavens are beginning to align so the heavens will be just right for this country's next war. Have you noticed all the news lately about Iran's nuclear program? And have you gotten a load of what the GOP bimbos (with the exception of Ron Paul) running for the presidential nomination promise in the way of policy toward Iran? Virtually the same as that pronounced by Leon Panetta, the new, but not improved secretary of defense. Basically the policy is this: the U.S. (and the European Union) do not like the Iranian nuclear program, which, they say is aimed at developing a nuclear weapon. This prompts one of the two "red lines" that Panetta says Iran cannot cross. Therefore tougher economic sanctions that will make it harder for Iran to market its oil will be imposed. In response, Iran has threatened to blockade the strait of Hormuz through which a healthy chunk of the world's oil must traverse on its way to market. The US, says Panetta, will not allow Iran to block the strait of Hormuz. This is another "red line."

You would think that this is sufficient to satisfy anybody's fears that the US will not be standing tall in the face of yet another Islamic threat to the serenity of the world. But no. One of the more prominent bubble-heads running for president, Rick Santorum, asserts that Panetta has his facts wrong and that Iran's construction of a nuclear weapon is a "virtual certainty" unless the US military intervenes. So here's a guy that says "attack them now." Rick Perry, another of the gigantic intellects that wants to president, says we need to send troops back to Iraq! Presumably to be right on Iran's doorstep when it becomes necessary to invade the country.

Does any of this sound familiar? This is the unmistakable saber-rattling that occurs before deployment of the US military on yet another mission to save the world. The Pentagon and executive branch are in the process of ginning up another bogy-man that is a threat to freedom, world peace, and US interests. We know how this process works. And we know what lies at the end of it. More war. 
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