Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And God Said, "Let There be Morons."

This is the kind of thing that confirms us as idiots in the eyes of the world:
An Indiana Senate committee on Wednesday endorsed teaching creationism in public schools, despite pleas from scientists and religious leaders to keep religion out of science classrooms.
Senate Bill 89 allows school corporations to authorize “the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life” and specifically mentions “creation science” as one such theory.
State Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, who voted for the measure, said if there are many theories about life’s origins, students should be taught all of them. (Source)
 The vote in the Senate Education Committee wasn't even close: 8-2. Now the bill will move on to the Republican-controlled Senate. If it passes, the school districts of the state will have the option teaching intelligent design as a theory explaining the origins of life right alongside the "theory" of evolution in science courses. (Source)

Creation science is to science as justice is to military justice. This is ridiculous. You know, I just have to shake my head. I grew up (and was educated) in a time when science and scientific learning garnered respect. Now, in some quarters, if scientists teaches it, it is wrong. This creation science bit and the denial of global warming are just two of the most visible of this disturbing trend. What is a normal person supposed to make of this? I find it scary.
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