Saturday, October 15, 2011

Once More!

What can a fan of the Texas Rangers say at this point but "Wow!" or "Holy Cow!"? And don't forget, "I told you so." The Rangers clinched a return to the World Series for the second year in a row tonight by destroying the Detroit Tigers in the 6th game of the ALCS playoff. The Rangers scored 15 runs, and even if you erase the 9-run third inning, they still scored enough to beat the Tigers. There are actually some who frequent this blog who disparaged the confidence I had in this Ranger team, even going so far as to intimate that pride (among the team's supporters, no less) would be the team's undoing. Well, so much for that theory. There's no more room for trash talk, indeed, for anything to be said about which team is the best in the American League. Indeed, in a few more days, the Rangers will quite likely prove they are the best team in baseball. They are a team on a mission, and the St Louis Cardinals are a lucky wild card team which, because it's currently hot, leads some to believe they actually have a chance in the World Series. Well, these people are every bit as mistaken as those who gave the Tigers a chance.
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