Monday, October 24, 2011

Cannot Resist

I cannot resist quoting James Kuntsler at some length today. As I've mentioned before, he reminds me a lot of Hunter S. Thompson in the skillful and entertaining way he dispenses bile and venom onto the heads of the so richly deserving. He's talking here about the proposed constitutional amendment that would remove the notion of personhood from corporations. Check it out:
One idea floating around the Internet is very good: a constitutional amendment aimed at redefining downward the alleged "person-hood" of corporations, so as to drive vast amounts of money out of our politics. Notice that the President of the US shows no interest in this idea. If the President were an honorable fellow, he would announce his intention to decline running for a second term. A free-for-all in the Democratic Party may be the only thing that can save it from extinction. Not since the Whigs under Millard Fillmore has a US political party been so feeble and purposeless. It can crawl off and die now. Something else will take its place, I'm sure. I wish Occupy Wall Street would show up at the next Republican candidates' debate and hurl bushels of rotten tomatoes at the fakers and imbeciles arrayed on the stage. They need to be publicly humiliated beyond their own self-induced humiliations when they open their pie-holes to yap about "faith in God" and "liberty" and "family values" and all the other mendacious platitudes from their scanty trick-bag of so-called ideas. They make me ashamed to be an American - as if there wasn't already enough.
This is the first intimation, nay, outright charge, that Obama lacks honor. I don't think Kuntsler is overstating his case, which as you may have noticed, he does frequently. If you think about it, how honorable was this president when he led all his millions of supporters in 2008 to believe that he was someone we could count on to move the country in a different direction? someone who would make difference? He talked progressive-ism and delivered the opposite. As you see, Kuntsler has no use for either one of the parties. He's exactly where I am, or vice versa.
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