Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anything They Choose

The other day before I was so rudely and awfully interrupted by the Texas Ranger meltdown in the World Series, I was discussing the imminent shutdown of WikiLeaks, which is being brought on by the big credit card companies (banks) and online payment companies refusal to process donations to WikiLeaks. This has essentially cut off the website from it's life blood. Indeed, WikiLeaks has shut down publishing anything for the rest of the year to concentrate on fund-raising. I wish them well. They need $3.5 million to continue through next year.

Let me observe something else that's sinister about what these big money people are doing. I have already mentioned the debatable nature of the great bulk of what gets slapped with a security classification. I saw stuff classified in the Air Force and at Special Ops that you could read in any decent newspaper. This is what happens when you give the power to classify stuff to 100,000 paranoid idiots.

But is isn't what I wanted to point out. What I did want to underscore was the obvious. The immense, murderous power being wielded by these financial institutions. Here we have a case of their snuffing out the life of an organization they don't approve of under the guise of helping protect the "national interest" of the United States. Are you serious? Believe it: there's no "patriotism"--what an abused word!--no concern for the security of the country in what these companies do. It's an exercise of raw power. They have reasons of their own for stifling the hell out of websites that expose the shams and shames of government and corporations. WikiLeaks is the deathly enemy of deeds done in the dark. It can escape no one's notice that if Big Finance can snuff the life out of WikiLeaks, they can snuff the life out of anything they choose.
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