Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why We're Paying Through the Nose for Health Care, Part II

Hey, I discovered how to make the graphic bigger. Just a little tinkering with the HTML code. (I'm going to apply the same method to the post from yesterday, but we're still not perfect sized.) Anyway, yesterday were the lies. Here's the truth today. If you will notice, there's a common denominator to all of these truths. To wit: somebody is getting a lot of money out of the current system, and it ain't the people who most need the health care. And it ain't the people sweating to pay the ever-increasing premiums for health care insurance. And it ain't the thousands of small businesses straining to provide health benefits to their employees. The people getting fat off the broken-down health care system we have are . . . the already fat cats. Which will come as no surprise to anybody who's been paying attention. 

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