Sunday, July 17, 2011

And So the Week Begins

Welcome to America!
Rais Bhuiyan after he was shot
. . . with my noticing this uplifting piece on Boing Boing. And the picture. This poor guy is Rais Bhuiyan, an immigrant from Bangladesh. He was working in a gas station in 2001 and in walks Mark Anthony Stroman, a white supremacist, with a gun. Can you guess the rest? Here, I'll let this devout Muslim tell it:

It was Friday 12:30pm, September 21, 2001. A man with a gun entered the gas station where I was working. He asked me, "Where are you from?"
The question seemed strange to ask during a robbery, which certainly this was -- the man wore a bandana, sunglasses and a baseball cap, and aimed the gun directly at my face as I stood over the gas station register. "Excuse me?" I asked. As soon as I spoke I felt the sensation of a million bees stinging my face, and then heard an explosion. Images of my mother, my father, my siblings and my fiancé appeared before my eyes, and then, a graveyard. I didn't know if I were still alive. I looked down at the floor and saw blood pouring like an open faucet from the side of my head. Frantically, I placed both hands on my face, thinking I had to keep my brains from spilling out. I heard myself screaming, "Mom!" The gunman was still standing there. I thought, "If I don't pretend I'm dead, he'll shoot me again."
Texas, as is its wont, has sentenced Stroman to death, because he killed two guys in revenge for 9/11 for the simple reason that they existed, and one of them wasn't even Muslim but Hindu. Mr Bhuiyan doesn't think his attacker should be executed, and has said so before the world. See here and check his website:

But don't be betting that an executions are going to be commuted during the term of that outstanding Christian Rick Perry. We all know that God endorses vengeance.

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