Monday, July 18, 2011

Golden Years?

If you think you're in good shape to retire, it appears that most of us have to think again. I cannot see this situation improving for many Americans given that the economy appears to be in the tank for the foreseeable future. These figures come as no great surprise to me, and given the situation the country is now in, I cannot see that the numbers are going to get any better. Indeed, I think they will only worsen. Although as a retired federal employee, I enjoy a secure retirement, I knew many people who easily fit into the less-desirable categories on this chart. The more I compare the way things work in this country as compared to the way they do in other countries, the less inclined I am embrace the standard mantra that the "U.S. is the greatest country in the world." I'm not saying it isn't, mind you. I'm just saying it's true for the people with money, who are secure in their present and futures. Just like they are for citizens of many other countries on this globe who are not rich, but live in places where the well-being of the whole society is a concern of government and citizenry.

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