Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reality Check

The source of the chart above can be found here

I have not commented on the ongoing melodrama in Washington, because whole thing makes me crazy. I have nothing but loathing for the Republican hypocrites who have manufactured this crisis for their own narrow political ends. Apparently they don't care what damage they inflict on the country in the process. As usual, every time they open their mouths they lie and distort the facts. Here's just off the top of my head are some of the continual lies they are telling the American people.
  • that they give a damn about the working and middle class families in this country
  • that they speak for "the American people"
  • that the deficit is something they had nothing to do with
  • that millionaires and billionaires are by definition "job creators" (we all saw how that worked during the Bush administration)
  •  that anything remotely resembling a "solution" to this crisis cannot contain new tax revenues
It's all moonshine. Apparently, for the situation is still the same today as it was a month ago, with only a week left before the August 2 deadline, the GOP is perfectly willing to pull the temple down on all of us unless they get everything they want. As usual, Obama has shown himself willing to bend over and grab his ankles once again for the Republicans, but they have already taken the measure of this man. Their intransigence has always worked before. Why not now? Only this time, they flirt with a manifest disaster. But ideologues don't care about consequences. All they care about are their own ideological fantasies. This will be the doom of us all.

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