Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was going to write about the Pentagon and it's obscene budget because I read something interesting on the subject, but it can wait till tomorrow. Instead I came across this wisdom from Richard Rohr today, and it got me to thinking.
The psychologist Carl Jung said that deep transformation happens primarily in the presence of images. They alone can touch the unconscious—in one invasive and healing reconfiguration of the soul. It might also take the form of a biography, a song, a theater piece, a movie, a dream image, a sculpture, an inner vision, a piece of art. But after the encounter, you see things differently. One hundred sermons could never have moved you to this new place.
The most meaningful, transformative experiences of my life have always been connected with revelations of some sort. Revelations that revealed to me who I am: a child of the God who resides within me. And, no, it was not sermons that got me there.
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