Friday, April 29, 2011

RIP Old Friends

I had one like this upon which I typed a gazillion words.
My sister alerted me to this story, and I have to confess it makes me a little sad to hear that nobody on the face of the globe is manufacturing typewriters anymore.The company in India, Godrej and Boyce, says they were not getting many orders anymore. [see Update I, however] I think about my faithful Smith-Corona that saw me through countless book reports and papers in grad school. And the research notes I typed on it. At some point in our moves, it went away, an irrevocable sign that the computer keyboard had taken over completely. I'm not sure when that was, but it's been some time ago now. Typing on a computer calls for the same keyboard skills, but there is where the similarity to typewriters ends.

Anybody old enough remembers what a terrible experience it was to make corrections on a piece of typed material. What about the hassle of typing columns? And, my God, discovering that you had left something out of a multi-paged document. Well, that was grounds for suicide. I think of all those other accouterments that went along with typewriters. Remember erasable bond paper? (You can still get it from Amazon.) Remember the special erasers? Remember correction tape? Onion-skin paper? Carbon paper? Remember those fancy and expensive typewriters that had "auto-correction"? And do you remember how LOUD those things were?

George Harrison says it: "All Things Must Pass." But not without a sad face sometimes.

UUpdate I: Gawker is reporting that there are still manufacturers in China, Japan and Indonesia making typewriters.
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