Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama(I Don't)Care

Guess what our fearless leader in the White House did today? He announced that he is running for a second term in the White House. It's never too early to go shaking the trees for cash, I suppose. This is on the same day that his administration caves in once again to the Republicans by backing down on the pledge to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the supposed 9/11 mastermind, in a civilian court. He will be tried at Guantanamo by military commission. (See the story here.)  In other words, the Pentagon is in charge of the prosecution. Just as George W. Bush would have wanted it. (The Administration is blaming Congress for this turn of events, but nobody is going to tell me that is if this president were not so interested in kissing Republicans' asses rather than kicking them, that the situation would be the way it is.)

Well, guess what? Barack Obama could come personally to my house to solicit my vote, and I still will not vote for him next year. He has kicked the progressive wing of his party in the teeth so many times that it doesn't have many teeth left. But enough, I hope, to bite the hell out of his ass next year. This guy has betrayed just about every promise he made to the left in 2008. And for me, his expansion of the war in Afghanistan and his nauseating obeisance to the corporations and the Pentagon are enough reason to desert him. Unfortunately, he's given the left all kinds of other reasons not to believe him or trust him or vote for his reelection. Here in Oklahoma, my wife reminds me, it's almost impossible for a third party to get on the ballot. Too bad. Looks like I'll have to write somebody in. But you know what? It really doesn't matter what I do or what 100,000 other progressives do. Obama is going to win handily over any of the sorry sacks the Republicans can trot out there. I see not a one capable of beating an incumbent president. Do you?
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