Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Toys!

Google labs . . . Have you ever gone there and just poked around? Do you even know about Google Labs. It's a place where people who work at Google put a wide variety of different programs that, from what I can understand, they produced just fooling around. I stumbled across one the lab's products: Art Project. And was entranced. You can visit several of the world's most famous museums: Uffizi, MOMA, the Met, Hermitage, the Tate, and many more--missing the Louvre and the Prado--but my guess is they are in the pipeline and at some point we'll see them, too. Hundreds of art works from these museums can be examined in minute detail (you can really get close!). You can wander around the museum and check out art works that interest you. Really cool! There's more. Check it out.

Wanna flip real fast through various publications on all kinds of subjects? Fast Flip will do that for you. Lots of subjects, lots of publications. You customize 'em. Very cool again.

Google News Timeline. You can go back a long way. Via bunches of different sources: Time Magazine, Baseball Digest, Rolling Stone, Wikipedia, to name just the few I can remember. Look by day, week, month, year, decade.

A whole bunch more awaits you if you want to explore. Language tools, public data explorer, movies, and on and on. I love stuff like this.
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