Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Should I Be Surprised?

I don't know why I'd expect any nation with its spending priorities and tax system so egregiously screwed up as ours to come to any other conclusion, but I have to confess I was astonished to read that only 41 percent of Americans think defense spending needs to be cut. My God! What is the matter with these people? Here's the story where I read this and other equally baffling findings. Here's where a majority of Americans would cut the budget. In order, if you please: foreign aid, foreign military aid, spending by regulatory agencies, space programs, subsidies to business, and federal welfare spending. Okay. I can go along with a couple of these. Can you guess which ones? By the way, an educated electorate will know that what this country spends on foreign aid is a speck compared to other categories such as defense, corporate welfare and sweetheart deal tax breaks, agricultural subsidies, and more. But we'll be seeing unicorns in zoos before the electorate is even barely educated.

Here's what people don't want cut: social security, health care, fed aid to education, highway spending, and federal jobs programs. This seems sensible . . . except maybe I would not be crazy about spending for highways, if they are going slash money for high speed rail (which of course they want to.)

In the meantime I am just totally nauseated with every frigging Republican shill for corporate welfare and fat cat enhancements--and that would be just about every last one of them--posturing about how Obama's proposed cuts in his just-submitted budget are woefully inadequate. In point of fact, they are woefully inadequate--he didn't use a single suggestion by his own debt reduction committee--but this sort of crap out of the mouths of people who have no problem with a $700 billion tax plum for the wealthiest 2 percent of the people in the country and bazillions for the Pentagon. Well, it makes me ill. And I'm really having to restrain myself from truly unseemly language here.

We've just got business as usual, folks, in Washington. It's pathetic.
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