Friday, February 18, 2011

A Huge and Wonderful Surprise

. . . arrived today in the mail. About 45 CDs of "new" music--new because I don't have it in my collection--plus over 20 DVDs--all music. We're talking rock, alternative, and blues. And a couple of country. My friend Bill is another Ph.D. in history, heads the history/political science department at University of Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond, who was a few years behind me at LSU, and he's a little bit younger (but who isn't?). He's an English history guy. And he plays guitar, has made his own CD, likes baseball. And he loves music as much as I do. And he's from Baton Rouge and loves the Tigers and the Saints. What's not to like about this guy?

Anyway, I've got all the new stuff copied over to my iTunes and will soon have it transferred to the iPod. There were lots of people I had never heard of. Bands like Zechs Marquise, Omar and the Howlers, Blue October, and Gary Moore. (a guitar virtuoso, who apparently just died. Young.) Looking forward to getting to know all of 'em. I honestly cannot imagine life without music. I like it all. Opera to gut bucket blues. I listen to music every day. In my next life I want to be able to play music . . . and I don't mean a harp. Bass guitar in a reggae band would be fine or in a rock band . . . that would be fine, too.

Here's video by a band I really like, an English alternative outfit called Porcupine Tree. I have ton of music by these guys. Got a bunch more today. Believe it or not, their music can be quite ethereal sometimes. Not here, but that's OK too.

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