Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, Welcome Back!

No, brothers and sisters, I haven't given up blogging. Nor have I just been remiss about posting. No . . . I, or should I say my computer, has fallen victim to a pretty vicious virus. This sucker--I forget the name of the damn thing--shut down everything. Not a single program would run--Internet? Forget it. MS Office? Nope. First gone: the anti-virus program. Nothing, but nothing would run. Big ole banner on the screen telling me I had infected files. Previously a program "scanned" the computer and reported I had 38 infected files, but . . . and here's a surprise . . . for only $59.95 I could buy a program to make my computer all well again. Well, shit! no way. Truth is, it cost me more than that to have this miserable thing scrubbed from my computer. Geeks at the repair place said the whole purpose of this virus is to steal your money, i.e., get your credit card number. Guy also told me that 1 out of 1,000 will actually give these people a credit card number. Proof positive that you cannot go broke betting on the idiocy of some people.

But think for a moment about the scabrous lowlifes who produce these viruses. What kind of creep deliberately breaks the stuff of millions of people he doesn't even know? It is a great evil that these people do. Utterly despicable when you think about it. But nobody does. These evil people doing these evil things on the Internet are just part of the deal. Like lies from politicians, hypocrisy from the clergy, self-righteousness from the right and left. Gives me a frigging headache.
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