Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 50 Essential Non-Fiction Books for Weirdos

It's entries like this that make Boing Boing an essential blog for me. I challenge anybody to characterize this website in five words or less. Accurately characterize it. Because it's charm is it's utter inability to fit into some kind of box.

You will find the list with the arguments for why the book is on it right here; you should not miss the explantations. How many have you read? How many do you what to read? Hell, I'll just list them for you. The one's in bold--7 out of 50 or .140 (which is a crappy batting average, period. Plus everything I've read on this list seem rather staid compared to some of the other titles.)--are the ones I've read. But, there are a lotta books on this list I would like to read . . . does that count? There are a number of them I will read. I wonder if that counts. For those of you paying attention: you will note a plenitude of books about music and pop culture. Which, I suppose, if you're a weirdo is up your alley.

Update I: I cannot figure out how the obliteration of the titles happened, and I cannot fix it. But the link in the above paragraph will get you to the book list, and the links to the individual books actually work even behind all that clutter. Sorry.

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