Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is Matt Taibbi on the financial monsters of Wall Street.
 If I go online today to and bet fifty dollars on the Bucks against the Celtics tonight, I'm a criminal. But some gazillionaire firm in New York can legally bet against the United States of America in unlimited amounts in a trade that has nothing to do with anything, but a guess about how many other people will make the same bet. Jesus, are we a weird country.
 l was moved to quote this guy because my mind is on Wall Street at the moment since I'm about two-thirds through William Cohan's House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street, and I'm disgusted. It is about Bear Sterns, but it could have been about any of them up there. Does anyone in America ever reflect on how we've been so utterly screwed by these guys? Do you think they care about who prevails in the battle going on right now in Wisconsin between the working/middle class people and the looney tunes Tea Party governor? Do you think these guys care what happens in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, et al.? Do you think these guys give a shit what the unemployment rate is or who doesn't get health care in America? Do you think they lose a single moment's sleep about our wars in the Middle East? They could give a rosy rat's ass. These people care about money. They live, eat, and sleep money. That's all that interests them.

And these are guys we saved to the tune of $700 billion . . . and they are doing the same things, committing all the same crimes against the people of this country all over again. The so-called financial reform legislation is a tissue of weak constraints that basically allows business as usual on Wall Street, i.e., more millions for millionaires and screw the rest of us.
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