Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Representative Irishman

The way they feel over there . . . and the truth, by the way.

This and the colorfully expressed sentiments by the man in the video below was pretty much the general opinion in Ireland from the people we talked to when we were there in October. And this exact same message, albeit sans the salty language, was what we read in the Irish press. Universally . . . there are a lot more newspapers there--about 9 or 10 national papers on the newsstands everywhere in the country--and I didn't see one that did not vehemently excoriate the bankers. (The video, by the way, was shot in Canada, by a pretty flaky interviewer, it must be observed.)

Of course, this screwing by the banks of the people at large is exactly what happened here in the U.S. too, but you're not going to find your basic U.S. citizen on the street either so well-informed or so incensed at the massive injustice that has been perpetrated on the middling and poor people by the banks and their abettors in the governments of the Western world.

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