Friday, October 22, 2010

There's Only One Story Today

About 3-4 seconds after the final out in Texas 6-1 win over NY Yankees
that sends the team to the World Series for first time ever.
This is the whole story here: a picture of how all Ranger fans feel.
 My Texas Rangers are going to the World Series!!
It was not even close tonight. Yankee manager Joe Girardi said it best after the game: "They out-hit us, they out-pitched us, and they out-played us." Precisely. You do that and you're going to win baseball games. I have been waiting with my two sons for this day since the early 1980s. It is really impossible to say what this feels like. I've been following the Rangers since the early 1980s, and from that time to this have endured some really crappy baseball teams. Somehow all that is background. Everything that's happened before now seems like it was pointed just to this moment, when all the heartache, disgust, and bone-weariness with losing, with errors, with sloppy base-running, and more than anything else, awful pitching. All that. It's all gone. This team is so together, there's such unmatchable chemistry that--you heard it here first--the Rangers will win the World Series (against either the Philadelphia Phillies or the San Francisco Giants, it's not decided yet) in fewer than seven games. This is a team of destiny.

Here's the box score and play-by-play.
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