Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calling All List Lovers

The first volume of The Book of Lists.                                           Image via WikipediaWho doesn't like lists? I remember some guy named David Walchinsky* or something like (When I looked on Amazon, I discovered that I was not that far off: David Wallechinsky.) who put out a big thick paperbound book--it had to be back in the 1960s or early '70s--called The Book of Lists (He was also involved with something called The Peoples Almanac which came out at around the same time and then was followed by an Almanac II & III). It was just what it said: pages and pages of lists of all kinds of things. I spent hours with this book, and with the Almanacs too, for that matter. I love lists. Doesn't everybody?

Anyway, while I was on the Amazon site, I run across the name of this website: which if you're a lover of lists or trivia is the place for you to go. Hundreds of lists and more going up all the time in 15 categories, such as history, art & literature, science, entertainment, bizarre, and controversial. Every list is ten items--top 10 lists, right? On the home page today such lists as:
You get the idea. This place is just fun, and--fair warning--it will suck time from you like a giant leech.
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