Thursday, October 21, 2010

Purged? Not Likely

I've been back from the Europe trip a whole week today. And for the moment, something strange has happened. Right now I don't give a tinkers damn about what's going on in politics. Now why would that be? Can Ireland and Spain purged me of this virus? Or is it that I've not been back long enough yet to get sucked into all that stuff, or more likely, that I've got so much work on my plate* I have not been able to devote the reading time necessary to get sufficiently outraged by the endemic stupidity and venality of what passes for leadership in this country. And I don't mean just political leadership. Not to mention those qualities in many of those who follow leaders (against some of the best advice Bob Dylan ever gave).

So for the moment, at least, I'm going to pass as a fairly normal human, not obsessing on the hundreds of ways the ordinary have-not-or-have-little people of the world get screwed by the already-have-more-than-enough dirt bags. I'm sure this will be just a temporary condition. Incentive to get all wrapped up in all this kind of stuff  is just another Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, or Huffington Post column away.

*I've finished my Jubal Early piece, but now I've got to edit the other eight articles that are going into this book about generals in Robert E. Lee's army.
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