Friday, September 10, 2010

Where Do They Find This Stuff?

Contemplating the fruit cake Florida "pastor" who wanted to burn copies of the Qu'ran on Saturday to commemorate 9/11, I'm reminded again that Fark has a special category for "Florida" since the state consistently generates more stories about nut cases of various sorts. (I know. I lived there for 13 years.) A few days ago I was talking about the lack of inspiration sometimes about a blogging subject. Well, Fark is yet another place on the web that just overflows with possibilities.

Here, for example, is the Florida entry for today: about a pedophile who blamed his cat for the abundance of kiddie porn cops found on his computer. (He dropped this defense later, but that he could even conceive it . . . well, I must say, it's nothing if not original.) And then there's a 22-year old woman who flags down a cop to ask for directions . . . and then gets busted. Because she has an open container of malt liquor between her legs--with a straw poking out, no less--and a crack pipe plainly visible in the car.

There's apparently an army of people who make suggestions to Fark for entries every day. The site posts 50. There's always a tremendous surplus.
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