Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Days You Are Inspired . . .

. . . and some days you're not. And if you are an anal person like I am on some things, for example, fixated on doing a blog entry at least six times a week, and you're not inspired, you find yourself casting about for something to write about. All writers know this feeling. It's like your mind is just gone south for vacation leaving the comfortable old familiar house locked up and silent. It's at these points that I either cast about for some sort of think aid, most commonly for me one of the other bloggers that I read frequently. Or sometimes I'll get an idea just from clicking on Google News and reading the headlines. Every day I think how odd it is that we have all become so inured to an avalanche of information, constantly changing, on just about anything you can think of all the time. That's what the Internet is: a never-ending gusher of information, kind of like the BP blowout preventer, except usually not as toxic.

Take, for example, what I just turned over in Google News "WTF" section. (Like many things Google, you can tailor your news to your interests. So I have chess news, baseball news, Texas Ranger news, US news, world news, news from the Norman, Oklahoma, newspaper, and so forth. Just for grins I have weird news and the WTF section, which is usually good for a laugh if nothing else.)
  •  One Reverend Fred Niles in New South Wales, Australia, also a member of Parliament, angrily denies accessing porn sites on the Internet up to 200,000 times. He explains that his staff was doing research on the Australian Sex Party and the Eros Foundation using his login name. Right…all I can say is this looks like pretty thorough research to me.
  • Georgia officials say they received anonymous letters alleging that a police chief gave alcohol to an underage woman and hosted sex parties in his home. Let's hear it for the thin blue line.
  • In Glendale, California, road rage turned almost deadly. An incident of one car cutting in front of another one led to profanity at a stop a stoplight and eventually one driver stabbing the other one with a knife and putting him in the hospital with a perforated liver. They haven't thought the other guy yet.
Just three stories out of a bunch, for just one day, in one little section of Google News. You would think that a blogger would never have writer's block with all this good stuff floating around for the picking. Well I will say this, it got me an entry today.
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