Friday, September 24, 2010

This Just In

The state of Virginia--the state of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison--has struck a blow for justice and the American way. She stood tall for us all . . . by executing by lethal injection a 41-year-old grandmother with an IQ of 72 named Teresa Lewis. Appeals to governor of the state for clemency and the U.S. Supreme Court were both turned down. A 72 IQ is borderline mentally disabled.

But that don't make a damn bit of difference to a red-blooded 'murican. Hell, no. Give us our blood. This is just so us, brothers and sisters. By God, we have justice now, don't we? The case stirred widespread outrage and thousands of protests. And apparently there was more to it than the crime she was convicted of: a plot where a couple of triggermen shot her husband and stepson in exchange for sex and a cut of the insurance money. Evidence emerging after the trial indicated that the woman had been manipulated by one of the shooters, both of whom, by the way, received only life sentences for actually doing the murder.

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