Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometimes It's Just Fun . . .

. . . to put something up that you didn't write, but enjoy immensely for whatever reason. In the case of the sample below, from Jim Kuntsler's "Clusterfuck Nation" of last Monday, I love two things about the snippet. First, it's true. (Apologies to any economists or relatives of economists out there, but really, you people are more confused than a roomful of historians.) And second, I truly wish I could write with the flash and crash that Kuntsler does. Reminds me a lot of Hunter S. Thompson, whom I really liked. Truth wrapped in grim humor. It's what I like. To put the quote in context, Kuntsler is discussing the whole raft of characters who failed to see what was happening when the entire economy tanked in 2008.
     The most confused of any putative authorities are the academic economists, lost in the wilderness of their models and equations and their quaint expectations of the way things ought to go if you can tweak numbers. These are the people who believe with the faith of little children that if you can measure anything you can control it. They will go down in history as the greatest convocation of clowns ever assembled, surpassing all the collected alchemists, priests, and vizeers employed in the 1500 years following the fall of Rome.
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