Friday, July 30, 2010

If Anybody's Watching

Over there on the right, a little bit down the column is a counter for the cost of the Iraq war to the taxpayers of this country. If anybody's watching, you will have noticed that it turned over to $800 billion recently. And that, brothers and sisters, does not include the cost of the war in Afghanistan, both the enduring legacies of that vile little fraud who occupied the White House during most of the past decade. Might I also observe that it's fine by most people to spend these obscene sums of money to kill people halfway around the world, and engage in a conflict that apparently will never be over, but it's not fine to extend the unemployment benefits for some of the millions of people who cannot find work because of a global financial crisis also abetted by the same vile little fraud and his administration. Yes, I know the Congress did indeed vote to extend the unemployment payments, but no thanks to the Republicans; all but the Maine lady senators voted against it.
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