Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hmmm. I Can Agree with That

According to  Newsweek this week, the highlighted quote is what Sarah Palin has to say about enforcing marijuana restrictions. Brothers and sisters, when we have somebody like Palin saying things like this, there's room for optimism. I read yesterday or the day before that 14 states now allow medical marijuana and another 10, I think it was, have decriminalized possession of marijuana. How far can we be from completely coming to our senses on this subject? (Pretty good article on the subject here.)

If somebody's gonna
smoke a joint in
their house and not
do anybody any
harm, then perhaps
there are other 
things our cops
should be looking at.

And by the way, I've been married to the most wonderful woman in the world this day 43 years. I love you, Susan. You're the world to me.
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