Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Self-Inflicted Wound

Why do I do this to myself? I don't need this. I've probably wasted an hour of my precious time. I couldn't stifle my curiosity to sample the opinion of yesterday's losers, our McCain brothers and sisters. So I googled "conservative blogs" and randomly chose one called "little green footballs" and then I tracked to a thread containing reaction to Obama's victory speech last night. What a mistake. All this accomplished was stoke my disdain for these people. And then trigger something like resignation that bi-partisan concern and cooperation in dealing with the serious issues the country faces will never occur.

I simply cannot believe the vitriol and hatred these people are spewing. Go look for yourself. Be sure and slide down the long thread of over 600 responses--and remember this is just one of who knows how many similar sites with similar conversations going on.

Problem was, it was like being secretly drawn to look at Holocaust footage or automobile accidents . . . once I started reading post after post of bile, ridicule, hatred, raving, I couldn't stop. Obama, who is from all indications the real deal, a man who is serious about building bridges to the other side, is being called every name you can think of: Marxist, communist, socialist, SOB, "Hussein the twit," "smarmy ingrate," "ass hole [sic]," "radical," and a lot more. The racism is ill-disquised: talk about Kwanzaa trees . . . this lovely question about Michelle Obama: "can we call her "First < >"? (and he explains the deletion wasn't a cuss word).

You have to read this stuff to believe it. I know I must sound naive, but I never read so much of this tripe before in one sitting. It's revolting taken in that kind of dose. One prevailing sentiment on this blog is that they are not about to cooperate with the Democrats and will oppose everything. Another is that the media is responsible for making Obama president. There's lots of talk: about 2010, about guarding their wallets, blasting Michelle. They really, really hate Jack Murtha and Al Franken.

In fairness, I have to report encountering a few people who urged that at least the office of the president be respected, but they were rare indeed. And most of the time were met with some response like: "he's not my president."

Get ready, people. These nuts are not going to go away. It's all so very discouraging . . . and we're just a little over 24 hours since the election.
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