Friday, November 7, 2008

Fresh Air

I just got through watching President-elect Obama's first news conference. In his initial remarks, he made it perfectly clear that the economy is the number one priority. He's going to tackle it "head on." Nothing he said was surprising. We know he's intent on helping the middle class. That should come "immediately" through a stimulus package, which he would like to see "sooner"--that is, during the lame duck congressional session, if possible--"rather than later." But it is first on the agenda no matter what. As for taxes, he reiterated that the tax plan he outlined during the campaign is the correct one. Naturally, he was careful in his remarks about Iran and US intelligence.

The most memorable line of the whole thing came in response to a reporter's question about the first dog yet to be acquired to go to the White House. That's a "major issue," he said. His preference is to get a shelter dog, a mutt, "like me."

A funny self-deprecating remark. Something we haven't heard from a president in ages. What a breath of fresh air.
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