Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barbie's Brain

. . . it's a terrible thing not to have. Just got through reading a piece in The Huffington Post about Sarah Palin. Now that the campaign is over, details about all the nasty in-fighting between the Palin and McCain staffs is coming to light, as well as this latest intelligence (I use the term advisedly.) about the Alaskan Barbie. You really have to shake your head in wonderment about how such a person could get anywhere near being on a national ticket for anything, much less vice president of the United States. Lest anyone think this is just dirt from the socialistic left, I hasten to assure them that no, this news is from Fox--the O'Reilly Factor, no less--who we all know is fair and balanced about everything. So specifically, Ms Palin apparently didn't know Africa is a continent! Nor was she entirely clear about the basics of how the government operates. Civics 101 stuff. Didn't know about the concept of "American exceptionalism." Moreover, she is also a bitch from hell to work for, and her beleagured staff took tons of abuse.

If you watch the video, don't miss O'Reilly trying to dismiss her igonorance by saying something along the lines of: well, she is not a stupid woman; she could be tutored to learn these things. Are you kidding me? Where do you start with the tutoring of a woman who doesn't know that South Africa is not the southern part of a country? With Big Bird and the letter H? [For "harridan," one surmises.]
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