Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sea of Troubles, II

The awful situation I talked about yesterday gets worse. My brother-in-law was not officially dead until a little while ago. Although he had a living will, he was also an organ donor, and according to Louisiana law, the plug cannot be pulled on the latter until the tiniest little spark of life has vanished. It may not be law--it probably is, what I'm saying is I don't know for sure--but this little spark didn't go out quickly.

A trio of awful thoughts I've had today: first, John's two sons were not enough reason for him to live. I have two sons myself, and I cannot imagine ever being in the frame of mind where I would not consider the effect of killing myself on other people. Both my boys, or either one, is reason for me to live, not to mention my dear wife, daughter, grandchildren, friends, and more. The second thought is even worse: John's two sons ever after are going to have to live with "my dad committed suicide." Wouldn't you think this might have occurred to him? What a burden to lay on your children! And the third thought is worse yet: one of John's sons is quoted as saying he thought he had gotten rid of all the guns in the house. Now is this young man forever going to carry around guilt because his father hid the gun? How could he not? I would, despite everything you would hear about how it's not your fault.

One more bit on this terrible subject: did you know there are people who make their living removing and disposing of mattresses upon which someone has died? (I wonder if this is their sole occupation? Surely not.) The mattress in question here was covered with gore. Price to remove it: $2,400. That is not a misprint. I can't imagine people with the gall to charge a suicide's family such a price for such a task. Another brother-in-law is taking care of this. That's what family is for.
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