Monday, November 17, 2008

I Like These People

Like probably a bizzillion other people, I watched Steve Croft's interview with President-elect Obama (who had his wife Michelle with him for most of it) last night on 60 Minutes. If somehow you missed it, you can watch it here. Just a few observations.

  • I told my wife: "I really like these people." And I do. Both he and Michelle come across as natural people, easy with who they are. Great sense of humor, true devotion to their children and each other. Obama made a point of saying that he thought they were probably as ordinary, regular, everyday people to ever be president and first lady. They certainly appeared that way to me. You can imagine having them over to your house for nachos and beer.
  • It's obvious that concern for their two daughters is uppermost in their minds. Obama wants them to remain as "normal" as they are now, despite the spotlight that's on them now (probably for the rest of their lives to one degree or another.)
  • I thought it was touching that Obama said he couldn't take his walks like he used to. Yep. Everything he does, poor man, is going to be an event now.
  • I like the sound of what he plans on doing immediately: close Guantanamo, begin drawing down in Iraq (although a plus-up in Afghanastan looms), outlaw torture.
  • He's familiar with FDR's first hundred days and his approach to the depression he faced. Like him, Obama promises to "try things." All of them may not work, but he thinks the American people expect that of him.
  • He promises to be straight with the American people--tell them what he's doing and why. What a concept.
  • He's reading a lot of Lincoln, he says. He could certainly do a lot worse than this.
  • He favors an 8-team playoff for college football national championship. "This is important," he says. Another good idea.
I haven't felt this much genuine warmth for a president and his wife ever. I wish them well with this monumental change in their lives. May God bless them and their girls.
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