Sunday, July 13, 2008

Words Fail Me . . . (Example #7481)

You know when I first started doing this blog, I thought every once in a while I would get to exhibit my jocular and humor-loving side. It's actually a pretty big side of me. I've long since concluded that it's impossible to make it at all on this planet without the ability to laugh a whole bunch at a whole bunch of things. I do . . . all the time. It's what has kept me sane. (along with chess and baseball and books and poetry and my dearest wife). But the state of things here and elsewhere just keep intruding on this good intention. I never run out of things in the news of the day to be frustrated about. There's always a plethora of things.

Take today, for example. I intended to reproduce my letter to Senator Obama about his execrable vote on the FISA bill last week, but this story intruded even on that. (I'll get around to the FISA piece eventually, I assume.) Are you ready for this? As an incentive to get kids to attend a youth conference, Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City offered the enticement of an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle giveaway. Have you got that? A frigging free military weapon to some kid to come hear all about Jesus! A FREE ASSAULT RIFLE TO A TEENAGER. What can possibly be in the minds of these people? Do these people have minds? The offer was withdrawn once it became public on television, otherwise, one presumes, some lucky teenager would have a free assault rifle to go along with the joy of salvation. The pastor, one Bob Ross, says his intention was not to give the weapon to someone who would not "respect it," and then "go out and kill."

Well, really, Pastor Bob? I'm glad you told us. What you really meant was to give a free military assault weapon to some normal hormone-crazed half-wit ravaged by unresolved emotional issues--anybody got a better description for teenagers? Plus, what in the name of all that's holy (literally) do military weapons of any kind have to do with Christianity? I have to quit now . . . before I launch myself much further. Peace be with you.
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