Sunday, July 20, 2008

Traitor Joe

When is somebody going to kick that damn Joe Lieberman's ass out of Democratic party? And just kick his ass in general while they're at it? (I realize of course that this cannot be done, that his traitorous hide is perfectly safe, as long as the Democrats have just a one-seat majority in the Senate. But still if somebody were to throttle that silly grin off his face, it would be a good thing.) He's all over the tube today saying that Obama could not even be in Iraq if the country had followed his advice about getting out of there. That he, Obama, is prepared to accept defeat there. Yadda yadda yadda. Oh really, Joe? The fact that Obama even has to go there, this obligatory stop on the campaign trail, apparently, is because of people like you that think the continued bloodshed there, the floundering of American foreign policy in this wretched hell hole in the Middle East, this hemorrhaging of hundreds of billions of dollars to make the world safe for oil companies, is sound policy. Indeed. You have said as much. Further that we should just stay there till the proverbial cows come home. Because otherwise the 4,100+ lives we've already squandered there--correction, American lives--not counting the countless Iraqi lives, will have been lost "in vain." As if all those lives had not been given in vain already. What is the best case scenario for the U.S. out of this everlasting Iraq mess? The best we can expect? You tell me. A thriving democracy? A beacon of freedom in the mid-East? A fast U.S. ally there? Get serious. We have created an absolute hell hole that will continue to fester and infect the whole region . . . but never mind. Four giant western oil companies have already got their mitts on Iraq's oil, and that's what it was all about all along.

I read elsewhere that the Democrats cannot figure Lieberman out. What's to figure out about this guy? He's a turncoat SOB, pure and simple. He's not a Democrat; he's a Republican in all but name. This guy has endorsed McCain for the presidency, for Pete's sake! Every time you see a picture of McCain, you can bet that Lieberman's jowly grinning countenance is lurking somewhere in the background. And if he's not in the background, he's visible, like above, right before he lays a sloppy smooch on our favorite Republican candidate. I understand Lieberman is planning a speech before the Republican national convention. What's the matter with this guy that a good ass-kicking wouldn't fix?
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